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CKR Property Management employs a wide range of real estate experts and can tailor our
services to meet your exact needs.

At CKR Property Management, we understand that investor needs are varied, and often only require a professional for a specific evaluation or need. With that in mind, CKR offers the following services:

Mystery Shop Sales Evaluation

Finding a quality rental home or apartment is one of the most important searches a person will undertake. Ensuring that a prospective renter has an initial positive experience at your property is in the hands of your on-site staff. The appearance, demeanor and knowledge of the consultant is just as important as the appearance of the property itself; both have a bearing on the prospective renter's decision making process. CKR can help you to achieve a better customer experience that goes beyond the visitor’s expectations and improves the odds of each visitor becoming your resident.

The CKR mystery shop services includes these standards as well as client specific benchmarks:

Staff Appearance, Availability, Friendliness
Associate Availability, Wait Times
Willingness to Assist
Up-selling / Add on Sales
Product Knowledge
Sales Skills
Overcoming Objections
Ability to Close the Sale

CKR clients have seen the positive effect that our mystery shop services have had on customer engagement, client services and overall customer satisfaction. CKR mystery shop programs offer unmatched value by utilizing our established criteria in conjunction with the client’s specific requirements to effectively measure and improve each associate’s sales performance.

"Watch Dog" Services

Many Principles choose to self-manage rather than outsource the property management of their investment. In this case, many investors become anchored to their properties, unable to take vacation or even travel on business. In these cases, CKR offers "Watch Dog" Services. A member of CKR Senior Management is assigned to the property in one week increments while the Principle is away. During that week, CKR will randomly visit the property, contact the office twice daily, receive daily updates on traffic, leasing, delinquency and incidents, and be the emergency point of contact and the go-between for the property and Principle.

Client-Specific Assignments

CKR Property Management can tailor an assignment-specific quote to meet your exact needs. Just some of these include:

Lease File Audit
Sales Performance Evaluation
Sales Training
Budget Creation
Physical Property Recommendations
Revenue Generating Recommendations

Services tailored to put your mind at ease.
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