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CKR Property Management employs a wide range of real estate experts and can tailor our
services to meet your exact needs.

Property Management Services
At CKR Property Management, we are committed to providing quality service with the highest level of integrity. We are specialists in quick decision-making and attention to detail. Our approach is geared toward growing the NET Operating Income (NOI) of the asset, and our compensation is tied to NOI, unlike our competitors compensated on Revenue only. It is this unique and superior business approach that sets us apart from our competitors.

CKR offers extensive supervision and training of our on-site personnel. Through analysis of the operations and the measuring the financial performance of the asset, we are able to asses weaknesses, make corrections and continually fine-tune. We provide financial controls, detailed monthly financial reports, market overviews, owner statements and tax forms in a timely and consistent manner.

Through our industry connections, we are able to secure the best pricing for CKR's assets. We have agreements with the industry's top suppliers, ensuring good service, which streamlines operations, AND maximum return return on your investment.

CKR Complies with OSHA standards which require an employer to train team members on the issues of Safety and Health and in how they relate to the Workplace (sec 5 (a)(2)). We provide training materials and monthly Safety Meetings to ensure good rates, and an overall safe work environment.

CKR also has systems and policies limiting the potential risks in property management. Lights checks and property Physical Inspections are performed MONTHLY on all CKR Communities.

CKR's Marketing Strategy ensures that each Community is positioned for success. Each community is analyzed independently and its needs assessed to develop the strategy. Efforts including Social Media, are tracked, measured and evaluated in the Monthly Executive Overview Monthly Market Survey are also performed to keep a pulse on competitor and sub-market trends.

Clients who subscribe to CKR's Property Management Database will, upon request, have real-time access to Financial Statements, Trial Balance Reports, Rent Rolls, Budget Comparisons, Aged Payable/Receivable Reports, Prospect / Resident information and more. We even offer discounts to encourage this streamlining of your business.

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